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CFCM – Canadian Finishing & 涂料制造杂志:降低污染控制的成本

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CFCM - Canadian Finishing & 涂料制造杂志:降低污染控制的成本

CFCM - Canadian Finishing & Coatings Manufacturing Magazine

This article originally appeared in CFCM, Canadian Finishing & Coatings Manufacturing Magazine, Nov/Dec 2018

Cutting the Costs of Pollution Control

Nobody likes spending money on pollution control equipment.  The perception is that it only adds to costs, 没有工作效率, and there are few thanks for companies that install it.

船公司的技术销售经理吉姆•库扎拉承认:“推荐一个滚球官方网站生产的设备没有人想买。 & 海岸 Environmental.  “VOC减排技术是推荐一个滚球官方网站的主要活动领域,也是当今环境敏感经济环境下开展业务的必要要求.”

该公司设计的各种热氧化剂不仅燃烧挥发物, but can also be used to create heat exchange, or even to generate steam.  Kuzara remarks that this can cut a plant’s energy usage, 违背了减排没有成本效益的一般假设.

“Our competitors have tended to be more transient than us,” he says. “推荐一个滚球官方网站在这个行业使用这种技术已经将近20年了. 推荐一个滚球官方网站不是这类设备最大的制造商,但推荐一个滚球官方网站处于这一领域的中心.”

他表示,该公司的优势之一是非常注重流程.  其他供应商只是提供一个标准的热氧化剂系统,船舶 & 海岸试图在完成销售之前了解客户的流程.

其中一个更常见的系统是它构建的再生热氧化剂.  In these systems, a fan supplies air from the process to the RTO.  系统中有两个热交换床,中间有燃烧器和组合室.

“RTO是理想的,因为它提供高达99%的破坏效率, but it’s also thermally efficient,”Kuzara说.  “We can recover up to 97 percent of the energy in the system.”

在这样的系统中, a fan pushes the air through an inlet manifold, which directs the air up into one of the two heat exchanger chambers, which have ceramic beds.  进入燃烧室的空气在进入燃烧室之前被预热到900 - 1000华氏度(然后将气体加热到1500华氏度). 然后从燃烧室排出的废气被引导通过第二个陶瓷热交换床,在那里热量被从废气中剥离.  净化后的空气以二氧化碳和水蒸气的形式释放到大气中.

当初始陶瓷热交换器开始冷却时,第二陶瓷热交换器获得热量.  At this point in the process, 进入的过程排气是反向过程空气直接到第二个陶瓷床是新加热. The incoming stream is now pre-heated by the second bed, moves into the combustion chamber, 然后到陶瓷层1那里的热量从系统的排气部分被剥离然后进入大气.

库扎拉解释说:“推荐一个滚球官方网站每两分钟左右翻转一次舱室,以保持这种热平衡。. “这都是自动的,可以在一天结束时自动统计和关闭. 它是很好的绝缘,以保持尽可能有效,并出于安全原因.”

在理想的世界里, 转向更多的水基涂料系统将把溶剂型涂料挤出市场.  然而, no every water-based formulation has worked as advertised, and solvents will still be widespread for the foreseeable future.

“在一天结束的时候,通常会有一个要求,你需要这种类型的设备,”他继续.  “We might have to configure for a specific load of VOC.  If there is enough solvent, perhaps three to four percent of the lower explosive limit air-stream, there is sufficient BTU value where you can basically turn off the gas, 它变得自给自足,几乎或不需要补充燃料.”

There are various units installed by 船 & 在加拿大海岸、蒙特利尔和温哥华是特别强劲的市场.  The printing industry is a good customer, 卷材涂料企业在使用有机涂料时会产生大量的废水.  In the liquid paint field, 也可以在大的油漆线上重新利用燃烧系统产生的清洁空气.

“Our biggest customer base is existing customers,”Kuzara说. “有时候,推荐一个滚球官方网站经营推荐一个滚球官方网站自己的二手设备,所以推荐一个滚球官方网站可以尽快提供二手系统. 推荐一个滚球官方网站的员工中有化学工程师,推荐一个滚球官方网站对出现的设备问题有24/7的响应.

“作为销售人员,我的责任是向我的客户提供增值服务. Whether that’s providing energy recovery, source ductwork collection systems, assisting with environmental permitting, or looking into rebate incentives.  We want to be the company looking out for the customer.”

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