The Most Advanced Remediation Systems

船 & Shore Environmental designs, 提供了, and services systems for groundwater and soil treatment applications. If required, these systems can also be combined with a thermal oxidizer. Our staff of professionals has the capabilities to assist professional engineering consulting (EPC) firms and end users to bridge any technical gaps that may occur between environmental, 电, and mechanical engineering disciplines. Our facility is equipped to produce quality, cost-effective solutions and equipment to meet any project requirements.

Air Pollution Control For Remediation solutions are based on multiple technologies for remediating chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds and emerging contaminants of concern (COC)s such as 1,4二氧六环, and Per and Poly-Fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Our fully integrated systems are factory-tested and incorporate sophisticated controls for system monitoring, 数据记录, 和维护.

Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)

Soil vapor extraction is a technique that can remove volatile contaminants from the soil subsurface. 船 & Shore can assist with specifying blower types for SVE applications ranging from 20 SCFM to 10,000 SCFM by utilizing proven blower technologies such as:

  • Rotary Lobe Blowers
  • Multi-Stage Turbine Blowers
  • Rotary Claw Blowers
  • Regenerative Blowers
Soil Vapor Extraction

Groundwater Treatment

Groundwater treatment is the process by which contamination is removed from groundwater. 船 & Shore utilizes not only traditional proven technologies but also innovative technologies. Many proven and experimental processes can be included in this remedial category. Some of the following treatment system approaches that we can build and supply for flow rates of 1 gpm to 3,000注:

  • Low-Profile 空气脱衣舞娘
  • Air Stripper Towers
  • 袋式过滤器
  • Oil Water Separators
  • Equalization Tanks
  • Deposit Control Technologies
  • 化学 & 臭氧氧化
  • Liquid Phase Carbon Treatment

双 Phase Extraction (DPE)

双 Phase Extraction (DPE), also known as Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) or High Vacuum Extraction (HVE), uses vacuum pumps to remove various combinations of contaminated groundwater, separate-phase petroleum product, and hydrocarbon vapor from the ground. Extracted liquids and vapor are treated and collected for disposal.

High vacuum systems use the same basic technology as dual phase extraction with a higher (typically 18”-24” Hg) applied vacuum. Liquid ring pumps are usually the equipment choice; however, some positive displacement or rotary claw blowers can also be used for this process. Both 双 Phase Extraction and High Vacuum Systems are available either as skid mounted or as part of an integrated turnkey system.

Remediation Solutions
Groundwater Treatment 空气脱衣舞娘

Groundwater Treatment 空气脱衣舞娘

船 & Shore air strippers are designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from groundwater. As groundwater enters through the top of the air stripper, an induced draft fan forces air from the bottom though perforated trays, aerating the contaminated water as it falls through each tray. The resulting aqueous stream has virtually 99% of the contamination removed and the remaining contaminated air is left to be discharged for further processing.

The air strippers can be constructed from high density polyethylene (HDPE) for lower flow rates and space limitations, or they can be constructed from stainless steel for higher flow rates. Air stripper skid units can be delivered as complete systems with the following equipment:

  • 传输泵
  • 影响 & Effluent 袋式过滤器
  • 压力 & Flow Instrumentation
  • 液位开关 & Emergency Over-Flow Sensors
  • Integrated UL Listed Controls

Remediation 产品 & 服务

  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
  • 双 & Multiphase Extraction
  • Air Sparging Systems
  • Pump and Treat Systems
  • Remediation Buildings
  • Remediation Trailers
  • 船ping Container Systems
  • Insitu and Exsitu Ozone Systems
  • 空气脱衣舞娘
  • Oil Water Separators
  • Liquid and Vapor Phase Carbon
  • UL Certified Control Panels
  • Web Based Wireless Monitoring & Control Telemetry Systems
  • 热氧化剂
  • 自定义设计 & 工程
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • 售后市场 服务
Oil Water Separators
Remediation 产品 and 服务

Oil Water Separators

Oil water separators are designed to accelerate the natural separation that occurs between water and hydrocarbons. The recovered groundwater/hydrocarbon mixture is pumped into the first chamber of the unit. 随着 mixture encounters the unique packing material inside the unit, small oil droplets contained in the mixture coalesce and form large droplets that flow to the surface. These large oil droplets are then collected for proper disposal. The treated water can then be submitted for further treatment for dissolved phase contaminants or discharged if required efficiencies have been achieved. Connections to level and pump controls are standard elements of our design package.

Remediation System Enclosures

Remediation system enclosures are fully mechanically and electronically integrated enclosures that can be specifically designed to fit any application. Enclosures can be painted or sided to blend with existing environments and can be outfitted with sound attenuation to minimize optics and noises associated with equipment operation. 工程 drawings incorporating wind, snow, and seismic calculations are available upon request. 可用的船 & Shore enclosure options:

  • Pre-Engineered Steel Enclosures
  • 货物集装箱
  • Wood Shed with Steel Floor
  • 打滑