Groundw纯黑色 contaminated with Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) is not only a United States problem, 这是一个国际问题. 环境保护署(EPA), 国家监管机构, and the Department of Defense (DOD) are diligently working on the health concerns and what will be acceptable drinking w纯黑色 standards.  美国.S. EPA has yet to adopt specific regulations; however, preliminary standards have been put in place by states with impacted sites and is working on a plan to manage PFAS and expects to release this information at the end of 2018. PFAS are one of the more challenging contaminates of concern (COC) due to the solubility in w纯黑色 and new treatment technologies solutions are being considered every day.

Many existing sites with pump and treat systems are currently being tested across the country 对pfa.  These existing treatment systems that are using traditional carbon beds or air strippers with or with out carbon polishing are typically not capable of treating PFAS due to its extreme solubility.  系统升级 will be needed that could include specialty medias to other mechanical treatment technologies.


Specialty media are a common treatment solution that could be carbon or synthetic-based for any given application and should be sized correctly. Also, in some cases, bench and/or pilot testing is suggested, each of which 船 & 海岸环境 can supply and assist with. Mechanical solutions such as Ozone or UV treatment have been successful when treating 对pfa and can easily be added to existing pump and treat systems.

Each of these solutions will typically need the addition of hydrogen peroxide to create hydro radicals in order to decrease reaction time needed and ensure complete removal to regulatory discharge standards.  作为你的工程合作伙伴, 船 and 海岸环境 can supply either or both treatment system tests to confirm it is the best available technology for any given application. ION Exchange followed by carbon or specialty media may also be a consideration, 但这取决于进口浓度, they have typically shown to have higher maintenance costs than other technologies.

船 & 海岸环境 manufactures and integrates multiple technologies for w纯黑色 pfa的治疗.  We are agnostic when assisting and evaluating best available technologies (BAT).  推荐一个滚球官方网站的目标是协助顾问, End Users and Federal and State Agencies with solutions that are cost-effective with reduced maintenance cost.  Not only do we assist with PFAS treatment technologies, but 船 & Shore can also provide installation assistance and control system upgrades as needed for any given site. 推荐一个滚球官方网站 today for a complimentary consultation on W纯黑色 Treatment 对pfa.